Set PINpad (Link Q30 with Paydroid terminals)

How to set a PINpad device.


The Q30 (Prolin) terminal can be linked with Paydroid terminals (A50, A77, A80, A910, A920 & A920 Pro) for use as a PINpad. This setup can be useful for situations in which different devices are required for the merchant-facing side and the customer-facing side.

Paydroid (A80, A910, A920/A920 Pro)


Before linking the terminals, please ensure you have followed the below steps:

  1. Make sure both terminals are connected via Ethernet to the same local network
  2. Assign an IP address to each terminal via your router’s DHCP settings

if you do not assign IP addresses via DHCP, the linking process can still be completed. However, a router restart will assign new IPs to the terminal devices, requiring re-configuration


Once both terminal devices are powered on, connected to the network and configured as above, please proceed with the below steps:

On the Q30 terminal:

  1. Set the device to ‘ECR’ mode by navigating to System > Terminal Control > ERP/ECR Support
  2. From here, toggle the Status option to Enabled
  3. On the next screen, take a note of the IP address and Port, as shown below - in this example, & 8080:

    Q30 - IP & Port

On the Paydroid terminal:

  1. Set the device to ‘Support PINpad’ mode by opening the ‘ | Terminal’ application and navigating to the ‘hamburger menu’ (top-left of the screen) > System > Settings > Operation Mode > ‘PINpad support’
  2. On this screen, enter the IP address and Port you noted from the Q30 terminal, as shown below - in this example, & 8080:

    A80 - IP & Port

The devices should now be linked successfully - when you enter a payment amount on the Paydroid terminal, it will send this information to the Q30 terminal (PINpad) for the payment card to be presented, as shown below:

Paydroid terminal:
Paydroid - Linked

Q30 terminal (PINpad):
Q30 - Linked

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