Information on the Bluecode payment method for online payments.


Bluecode, a top player in QR code payments across Germany and Austria, provides a swift and secure solution for users to conduct purchases via their smartphones through the Bluecode App or any Bluecode-capable app. Partnering with, Bluecode extends its QR payment capabilities seamlessly to both online and brick-and-mortar retail settings. This payment method offers simplicity and efficiency, eliminating the need for physical cards or cash. With its emphasis on security and ease of use, Bluecode has gained popularity as a trusted payment solution across various industries.

Some of the main benefits of offering Bluecode as a payment method are: - Increased sales: By providing customers with a convenient and seamless payment option, businesses can attract a broader range of customers who prefer mobile payment solutions. - Competitiveness: Offer innovative payment options and be unique among your competitors - Consumer trust: Attract consumers who may not have made their purchase at all if Bluecode was not an option, especially when buying for the first time from a merchant - Get started quickly: There is no need for the merchant to have an account with Bluecode.

User Experience


At the checkout, the customer selects Bluecode as their preferred payment method:

Bluecode - User Journey - 1

The Bluecode QR is provided to the customer for scanning using their Bluecode or Bluecode-compatible application:

Bluecode - User Journey - 2


Please also see our videos below, outlining the desktop and mobile use of Bluecode:




Merchants do not need to have an account with Bluecode.

How to activate Bluecode

Merchants do not need to have an account with Bluecode

Environment Activation details
Production Activation of this payment method is instant. Once activated, merchants will immediately be able to accept payments via Bluecode.
Demo This payment method is unavailable on demo environment.

Merchants can only activate Bluecode on their own from their Viva account interface. To activate Bluecode, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Sign in to your production Viva account .

  2. Click on Settings > API Access and scroll down to the Bluecode (Payment Method) section.

  3. Click on the Enable Bluecode as a payment method button:

    Enable Bluecode as a payment method

  4. Bluecode will be activated.

  5. If you would like to deactivate Bluecode, click on the Disable Bluecode as a payment method button:

    Bluecode enabled as a payment method

Merchant Categories

There are some merchant categories that are not eligible to have Bluecode activated. If your business is in one of these categories, you will not be able to accept payments through Bluecode:

Merchant Category (MCC) Description
G300Airlines (codes between 3000 and 3350)
G335Car rentals (codes between 3351 and 3500)
G350Hotels (codes between 3501 and 3999)
R999MCCs, not listed separately nor included in the groupcodes
763 Agricultural Cooperatives
1353Dia (Spain)-Hypermarkets of Food
1406H&M Moda (Spain)-Retail Merchants
1520General contractors — residential and commercial
4723Package Tour Operators – Germany Only
4813Key-entry Telecom Merchant providing single local and long-distance phone calls using a central access number in a non–face-to-face environment using key entry
4829Wire transfers and money orders
5172Petroleum and petroleum products
5262Marketplaces (online Marketplaces)
5299Warehouse Club Gas
5333Hypermarkets of food
5552Electric Vehicle Charging
5932Antique Shops – Sales, Repairs, and Restoration Services
5933Pawn shops
5960Direct marketing — insurance services
5961Mail Order Houses Including Catalog Order Stores
5974Rubber Stamp Store
6010Financial institutions — manual cash disbursements
6011Financial institutions — automated cash disbursements
6012Financial institutions — merchandise and services
6050Quasi Cash—Customer Financial Institution
6051Non-financial institutions — foreign currency, money orders (not wire transfer), scrip and travellers’ checks
6211Securities — brokers and dealers
6300Insurance sales, underwriting and premiums
6399Insurance, Not Elsewhere Classified ( no longer valid for first presentment work)
6513Real Estate Agents and Managers
6529Remote Stored Value Load — Member Financial Institution
6530Remove Stored Value Load — Merchant
6532Payment Transaction—Customer Financial Institution
6533Payment Transaction—Merchant
6535Value Purchase–Member Financial Institution
6536MoneySend Intracountry
6537MoneySend Intercountry
6538MoneySend Funding
6539Funding Transaction (Excluding MoneySend)
6540Non-Financial Institutions – Stored Value Card Purchase/Load
6760Savings Bonds
7276Tax preparation services
7277Counselling services — debt, marriage and personal
7280Hospital Patient-Personal Funds Withdrawal
7321Consumer credit reporting agencies
7322Debt collection agencies
7332Blueprinting and Photocopying Services
7524Express Payment Service Merchants–Parking Lots and Garages
7539Automotive Service Shops (Spain) - Other Merchant Categories
7800Government-Owned Lotteries (US Region only)
7801Government Licensed On-Line Casinos (On-Line Gambling) (US Region only)
7802Government-Licensed Horse/Dog Racing (US Region only)
7833Express Payment Service — Motion Picture Theater
7995Betting, including Lottery Tickets, Casino Gaming Chips, Off-Track Betting, and Wagers at Race Tracks
8044Optical Goods and Eyeglasses
8651Political organizations
9034I-Purchasing Pilot
9211Court costs, including alimony and child support
9223Bail and Bond Payments
9311Tax payments
9402Postal services — government only
9405U.S. Federal Government Agencies or Departments
9406Government-Owned Lotteries (Non-U.S. region)
9700Automated Referral Service
9701Visa Credential Server
9702Emergency Services (GCAS) (Visa use only)
9751UK Supermarkets, Electronic Hot File
9752UK Petrol Stations, Electronic Hot File
9754Gambling-Horse, Dog Racing, State Lottery
9950Intra-Company Purchases

Smart Checkout supports Bluecode straight out of the box with no configuration required.

Testing Bluecode

Bluecode is currently unavailable on demo environment.

Payment method messaging

It is important that the customer is aware of the payment methods you offer via Smart Checkout, as this will increase conversion and average order values. Please see our payment method messaging guide for more details on why and where we would recommend adding this information to your site.

If desired, you can download and use this icon on your site or online store, in order to show customers you offer Bluecode as a payment method:

Payment Method Icon - Bluecode

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