Change POS Language

How to change the language on POS terminals and devices.


The process to change language differs depending on the device. Please see the options below:

Android & Tap-on-Phone

  1. Swipe down the quick settings panel from the top of the screen
  2. Open the device’s settings menu
  3. Navigate to System > Languages & Input > Languages
  4. Click ‘Add a language’ and choose your desired language if it is not listed
  5. Click and drag your desired language to the top of the list to set it
  6. The device (including the ‘ | Terminal’ application) will now be displayed in your updated language

A80, A910, A920 & A920 Pro

  1. Open the hamburger menu at the top-left of the ‘ | Terminal’ application
  2. Navigate to System > Reset
  3. Select the ‘Settings reset’ option
  4. The app’s settings will be reset, prompting a language selection screen to be displayed
  5. Select your desired language from this screen
  6. After a short wait, the selected language will be applied and you can continue configuring the settings


  1. Open the settings menu by pressing the red ‘X’ button on the keypad
  2. Navigate to System (‘5’)
  3. In the ‘System’ menu, press the down arrow on the screen to see additional options
  4. Navigate to Language (‘2’)
  5. In the ‘Language’ menu, navigate up and down as needed, selecting your desired language with the corresponding number key
  6. The device will now be displayed in your selected language

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