Card terminal devices

Information on our card terminal devices solutions.


Minimise customer serving times by integrating a cash register or ordering application with one of Viva’s POS terminals via one of the following APIs. Integration allows an application to initiate transactions on a Viva terminal and get informed on the result.


We constantly update our Viva POS terminals to support communication based on additional third-party card terminal APIs

If you need to start from scratch with integrating your existing card register or ordering application with a Viva card terminal, we recommend building your integration on the Viva API.

Whitelist the Viva addresses

You might need to configure your network settings and whitelist the below domains/IPs in case an ECR integration takes place.

No Protocol Type Target Device Destination Port
1. tcp/udp DNS Server 53
2. tcp 8580
3. https * 443
* 80
The displayed domains/hosts may have CNAME records that point to additional domains (for instance amazon or akamai domains). If the firewall solution requires detailed URL ACLs based not only on the initial host but also on the intermediate DNS records, then the client may need to make additions to the domains allowed.

Third-party card terminal providers

Cash registers or ordering applications that support other existing payment providers’ card terminals can also work with Viva card terminals if they have implemented one of the following APIs:

Card terminals thermal paper dimensions

Not all terminal devices use thermal paper (or thermal printing tape) of the same dimensions. Please see the table below:

Card terminal model Paper width Paper diameter
Viva Contactless Terminal powered by Google Play 58mm 40mm
A920 Pro, A920, A910 58mm 40mm
A80 58mm 50mm
S900 58mm 40mm
S800 58mm 50mm

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