Information on the Alipay payment method.


Alipay allows customers to scan a POS-generated QR code and complete the corresponding payment using the Alipay app on their mobile device.

Some of the main benefits of offering Alipay as a payment method are:

User Experience


On the POS terminal, the merchant selects (1) the QR code payment option > (2) the Alipay payment method.

The Alipay QR code (3) is then displayed:

Alipay - User Journey - 1

The customer then uses the Alipay app on their mobile device to scan the QR code:

Alipay - User Journey - 2

Once the customer has completed the payment on their device, a confirmation message is shown on the POS terminal:

Alipay - User Journey - 3



How to activate Alipay

All merchants are activated by default to accept payments for Alipay, with the exception of certain Merchant Categories.

Alipay activation takes place once per week, so it may take up to 7 days before Alipay is available in your account. No action is required from the merchant side

Merchant Categories

Please note: Merchants who sell cannabis/CBD products are prohibited from using Alipay

Additionally, there are some merchant categories that are not eligible to have Alipay activated. If your business is in one of these categories, you will not be able to accept payments through Alipay:

Merchant Category (MCC) Description
0763 Agricultural Co-operatives
3561 Hotels/Motels/Inns/Resorts
5172 Airlines, Air Carriers
5932 Money Orders – Wire Transfer
5933 Precious Stones and Metals, Watches and Jewelry
5960 Misc. Food Stores – Convenience Stores and Specialty Markets
6010 Financial Institutions – Manual Cash Disbursements
6012 Financial Institutions – Merchandise and Services
6211 Security Brokers/Dealers
6300 Insurance Sales, Underwriting, and Premiums
6513 Real Estate Agents and Managers - Rentals
7012 Timeshares
7276 Tax Preparation Service
7277 Counseling Service – Debt, Marriage, Personal
7995 Amusement Parks, Carnivals, Circuses, Fortune Tellers
8398 Charitable and Social Service Organizations

Payment method messaging

It is important that the customer is aware of the payment methods you offer, as this will increase conversion and average order values. Please see our payment method messaging guide for more details on why and where we would recommend adding this information to your site.

If desired, you can download and use this icon on your site or online store, in order to show customers you offer Alipay as a payment method:

Payment Method Icon - Alipay

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