Collect Payments with QR Codes

How to take payments via QR codes.


QR (Quick Response) Codes are device-readable images that stores lots of information within. They can be printed and presented by the merchant anywhere (on a countertop, outside of the shop, on a web page, or in email) and then scanned by the customer by a device with a camera such as mobile phone or a tablet. As soon as the customer scans a QR Code, they will be redirected to our Smart Checkout to complete the payment. Once they complete the payment, you will be notified with an email (you can check your notification settings with our team from the chat icon in the bottom-right corner of the page). It is also recommended to implement webhooks to get notified of a successful payment; the use of a webhook is mandatory if you offer asynchronous payment methods (such as alternative payment methods that are asynchronous in principle).

You can easily embed a Smart Checkout link into a QR Code and then present to your customers to scan to pay.


These are the ways to create a Smart Checkout link:

You can add your preferred brand color and company logo to your Smart Checkout link. Please see the Styling & Design page for customization options.

There are several websites and open source libraries available online which can be used to generate a Quick Response(QR) Code.

Create a QR code manually

If you want to generate a QR Code manually, you can use an online service such as or

Just copy the Smart Checkout link (from step 1 above) and follow the instructions of the online service. In the end you will get a QR code, which you can share on any platform you want.

Create QR Code via Online Services

Some open-source libraries for generating QR Codes

Client Side:

Server Side(PHP):

Step 3: Verify Payment

To check the status of a payment, you can retrieve transaction details via API. Viva can also send webhook events to your server to notify you when payments become successful. Please check this page to see how to verify payment status.

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