Information on the Sales section of the Viva e-Banking app.


You can use the viva banking app to gain a quick understanding about your sales. When you open the Sales menu, you can find the current month’s gross sales from all sources and channels. You can also have more specific data by applying filters for the date, source and channels.

Sales summary by filters

You can easily find a summary of sales on the app’s Sales page. Select desired dates, channel, source codes and click ‘Apply Filter’ button.

  1. On the app’s Sales page, select and apply desired filters.

    Banking app - sale transactions-1
  2. You may select gross sales or successful transactions from ‘By metric’ filter.

    Banking app - sale transactions-2
  3. You may select desired source codes from ‘By source’ filter.

    Banking app - sale transactions-3
  4. You may select online payments and physical payments from ‘By channel’ filter.

    Banking app - sale transactions-4

Find a transaction’s details and refund

You will see the following filters when you click the ‘View all transactions’ link on the app’s Sales page

  1. On the app’s Sales page, click on ‘View all transactions’.

    Banking app -  transactions-detail-1
  2. Apply filters where necessary and click on desired transaction from the list.

    Banking app -  transactions-detail-2
  3. Notice the transaction details. You may click ‘Refund’ button to make a partial/full refund.

    Banking app -  transactions-detail-3

Further information

Please see tutorials for the other sections of the e-Banking App:

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