Sale Transactions

Receipt of a requested sale transactions report file.


A sale transactions report file can be requested with our File Request API call. As soon as a report file is available, Viva sends a POST notification to your registered URL (webhook subscriptions). The payload contains a download link of the requested report. An HTTP GET request with a bearer authentication should be made to download the file.

Viva adds signatures to the File Request (Sale transactions) notifications. Please verify the HMAC signatures included in the request header before relying on any notification

If the Viva server doesn’t receive a 200 response code from your server after the initial notification attempt, it retries sending the notification every hour and stops five hours later

Find out more about the webhook notification for sale transactions and its parameters

Webhook body

  "Text": "Download file from:",
  "Link": "",
  "Authorized": true,
  "ExpirationDate": "2022-07-08T01:09:06.239 +00:00",
  "FileType": ".csv"

Webhook headers

You can find below the body parameters of this webhook.

Parameter Description
Viva-Signature Contains the HMAC hex digest of the request body, and is generated using the SHA-1 hash function and the secret as the HMAC key
Viva-Signature-256 Contains the HMAC hex digest of the request body, and is generated using the SHA-256 hash function and the secret as the HMAC key.
Viva-Delivery-Id A webhook unique value to identify the delivery. On sale transactions file requests, this is equal to the request identifier.
Viva-Event Name of the event that triggered the delivery (SaleTransactionsFileGenerated).

This webhook can be triggered via File Request API call only. To be able to get the notification, you also need a one-time registration process to our Subscription API.

Report file

The requested report contains the following parameters. You may click here to download a sample of the report.

Parameter Description Example
TransactionId The TransactionId of the transaction 997ab1e3-e6ce-45c9-970d-4d902f27ce71
OrderCode The OrderCode of the transaction 2271655739472609
TransactionTypeId The type of transaction 5
TransactionType Corresponding value of TransactionTypeId CardCharge
StatusId The status id of the transaction F
Status Corresponding value of StatusId Finished
Channel Channel of the transaction Smart Checkout
BankId The Id of the card scheme NET_VISA
SourceCode The SourceCode of the Merchant used for the transaction 1234
SignedAmount Total paid amount 30.00
SignedTotalCommission Total commission for the transaction 0.83
SignedNetAmount Net amount debited to/from the merchant 29.17
SourceTerminalId Associated terminal id of the opreation 90000000
FullName Customer/Cardholder's fullname John Doe
AID Authorization Id 612632
MerchantTrns The MerchantTrns property as set during the creation of the transaction Short description of items/services purchased by customer
Number Masked card number 535522XXXXXX3631
BankRC Issuer response code 00
ClearanceDate The day of the clearence 07/13/2022 02:07:16
TransactionDate The date of the transaction 07/12/2022 11:10:22 +03:00
ReferenceNumber A number(STAN) generated by the cardholder bank that can be used to identify a transaction 784543
RetrievalReferenceNumber The Retrieval Reference Number of the transaction(RRN) 219308784543
InterchangeCostAmount Issuer interchange fee 0.140000
Currency The transaction's currency GBP

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