Foreground request

An overview of the Foreground request message for Android.


👉 The Foreground request is used to bring to the ‘ | Terminal’ application to the foreground when desired.

The client app must implement a mechanism to send messages using Android intents and URI calls and to receive the result in a custom URI callback.

Foreground request

For a typical Foreground request, the client app must provide the following information:

Field Description Example Required Card terminal support Max Length Type
scheme The Viva's custom URL scheme, the host and the version. 'vivapayclient://pay/v1' ' | Terminal' application for Android
merchantKey The merchant's key. For successful validation, should not be empty.
Deprecated: you may pass any value.
'SG23323424EXS3' ' | Terminal' application for Android
appId The client app ID. For successful validation, should not be empty. 'com.example.myapp' ' | Terminal' application for Android
action The parameter to trigger an action. For foreground action, it should be set as 'foreground'. 'foreground' ' | Terminal' application for Android
callback The URI callback that will handle the result. For successful validation, should not be empty. 'mycallbackscheme://result' ' | Terminal' application for Android

This action does not send back a response.

The above information elements must create a URI call, i.e.

String reqStr = "vivapayclient://pay/v1"
		+ "?merchantKey="MY_MERCHANT_KEY"
		+ "&appId=com.example.myapp"
		+ "&action=foreground"
		+ "&callback=mycallbackscheme://result";

Intent payIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse( reqStr));

Key to card terminal product categories

To understand the icons used on the above table, see the below table.

Product category Terminal models Icon
Android Card Terminals Android Card Terminal Ethernet, Android Card Terminal 4G, Mobile Card Terminal Plus, Mobile Card Terminal. Android Card Terminals
' | Terminal' application for Android Mini Card Reader, Pocket Card Terminal connected via Bluetooth or USB to the ' | Terminal' application for Android. Android Card Terminals
Linux Card Terminals Countertop, IM20, S900, S800, D200. Linux Card Terminals

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