Transaction Price Calculated

Notification that a commission payment has been withdrawn from your account by Viva.


This webhook will be sent when a Viva commission payment has been withdrawn from your account.

When you receive a webhook notification, before updating a transaction’s status on your system, you SHOULD always retrieve its details from Viva. Please use the transactionId in the payload and make a call to Retrieve Transaction Details API. Validate the details you received in retrieve transaction details API response and update your system accordingly.

Webhook configuration

If you are setting up an ISV integration, please see our ISV Create webhook API call

To enable within the Viva banking app:

  1. Log in to Viva, demo or live , and select the required account.

  2. Visit Settings > API Access > Webhooks.

  3. Click on the Create Webhook link.
    The New Webhook dialog box is displayed.

  4. Enter your webhook URL in the URL field.

  5. Click on the Verify link.
    If verified successfully, a confirmation message is displayed.

  6. Choose Transaction Price Calculated from the Event Type dropdown:

    Transaction Price Calculated webhook

  7. Select the Active checkbox to activate notifications.

  8. Click on the Save button.

Response example

You may find below the sample response with EventTypeId 1799.

  "Url": "Your webhook URL",
  "EventData": {
    "OrderCode": 3962594733417127,
    "MerchantId": "784e1924-0723-458d-9a17-d374fce5f9e8",
    "IsvFee": 0.10,
    "TransactionId": "07966712-9873-4863-95d3-f5f425ae3618",
    "CurrencyCode": "826",
    "Interchange": 0.00105,
    "TotalCommission": 0.26,
    "ResellerId": null
  "Created": "2022-07-28T14:26:16.8743587Z",
  "CorrelationId": "22-209-DEBD5F23",
  "EventTypeId": 1799,
  "Delay": null,
  "MessageId": "1a0fda05-986e-4027-93e3-4b7ff0561425",
  "RecipientId": "784e1924-0723-458d-9a17-d374fce5f9e8",
  "MessageTypeId": 512

Webhook body

You can find below the body parameters of this webhook

Parameter Description Example
Url (string) Your webhook URL "Your webhook URL"
OrderCode (long) The OrderCode of the transaction 2271655739472609
MerchantId (uuid) The MerchantId of the Merchant "784e1924-0723-458d-9a17-d374fce5f9e8"
IsvFee (decimal) The ISV fee. Represents the amount paid to ISV 0.10
TransactionId (uuid) The TransactionId of the transaction "07966712-9873-4863-95d3-f5f425ae3618"
CurrencyCode (string) The currency of the transaction in ISO 4217 numeric format (e.g. 826 for GBP) "826"
Interchange (decimal) Interchange fee. Represents the fee charged by the card issuing bank or payment institution 0.00105
TotalCommission (decimal) Interchange fee + ISV fee (if applicable) + Viva fee

*Interchange fee = customer bank fee
*Viva fee = Viva commission + card scheme fee
ResellerId (uuid) The ResellerId of the Reseller (if any) that received the payment "90a7114f-3a7a-466b-8a45-000111222888"
Created (datetime) Transaction's creation timestamp "2022-07-28T14:26:16.8743587Z"
CorrelationId (uuid) Internal Id to track the request flow for debug reasons "22-209-DEBD5F23"
EventTypeId (int) The type of the event that triggered the notification. (e.g. 1799 for Transaction Price Calculated Webhooks) 1799
Delay (string) Delay timespan for messages that are sent at a future date and not instantly null
MessageId (uuid) Unique identifier of the message "1a0fda05-986e-4027-93e3-4b7ff0561425"
RecipientId (uuid) The recipient of the webhook (in this case the merchant) "784e1924-0723-458d-9a17-d374fce5f9e8"
MessageTypeId (int) The type of the message, this will always be "webhook" for the merchants (e.g. 512, 0x200 or 0x201 in hex) 512

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