Point of Sale (POS)

Our Point of Sale (POS) solutions enable merchants and partners to integrate Viva with card terminals and devices to take and manage in-store and card-present payments.


Viva offers three POS integration options:

  1. Inter-application (‘app-to-app’) integration between mobile apps installed on the same mobile device.

    ✔️ The ‘viva.com | Terminal’ application can be installed in any Android/iOS mobile device from the Google Play/App Store.

  2. POS API integration between mobile apps installed on the same card terminal device, i.e. the ‘viva.com | Terminal’ application and a third-party app.

    ✔️ Supported by our Viva Contactless Terminal powered by Google Play, Viva Contactless Terminal with Professional Scanner powered by Google Play, Viva Contactless / Chip & PIN Terminal powered by Google Play, A910, A920, A920 Pro and A80 terminals where the ‘viva.com | Terminal’ application is pre-installed.

  3. POS API integration over a TCP/IP connection. This is mostly used for ECR/ERP integrations. All devices should be in the same network as the terminal.

    ✔️ Supported by our A910, A920/A920 Pro, A80 and Q30 devices.


Please see our main card terminals - note, this is not an exhaustive list of supported devices:

Card Terminals

Our Android ‘viva.com | Terminal’ application is shown below:

Android Application

We also have an iOS ‘viva.com | Terminal’ application, with support for Apple Tap to Pay in the UK, the Netherlands, France, Italy & Germany:

iOS Application - Tap to Pay

You can see our Bluetooth-connected devices below - these are particularly useful to be paired with terminals and devices which cannot read cards via NFC or Chip & PIN:
Bluetooth Devices

You can find information for all of our current devices on our site


Please see our POS & Terminals tutorial pages for guidance on a range of POS-related topics.

Further Information

Please see our child pages for further information on our Point of Sale (POS) solutions:

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