Magento Smart Checkout plugin

Our Magento Smart Checkout plugin allows you to accept payments via Viva Smart Checkout in your Magento store.


Whilst still functional, this Magento Smart Checkout plugin is no longer supported. A new plugin will be released soon

This plugin uses our Smart Checkout solution. Please see our video overview of Smart Checkout’s main features and benefits:


1 Please note: If offering installments, the value provided by the merchant is not the number of installments the customer will select, and it is not mandatory for the customer to select installments at all. The process is as follows:

  1. The merchant indicates the maximum number of installments they wish to offer to the customer
  2. It is then up to the customer whether they pay with or without installments
  3. If the customer decides to pay with installments, they are able to select the number of installments (up to the maximum specified by the merchant)

User experience

This plugin uses our Smart Checkout solution. Customers are redirected from your checkout page on your Magento store to Viva Smart Checkout to pay, and after the customer pays, they are redirected automatically back to your Magento store.


The below images show:
a) a demo checkout page on Magento, and
b) a demo Viva Smart Checkout:

Magento Checkout Page
Smart Checkout


The below video shows the user experience from your checkout page to Viva Smart Checkout.

Supported payment methods

Smart Checkout supports a wide variety of payment methods, including:

American Express
Diners Club
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Samsung Pay
PayPal Pay Later
Viva Wallet
MobilePay Online
tbi bank
WeChat Pay
SEPA Direct Debit
Pay By Bank
Cash (Viva Spot)
Payment Method Icon - Bluecode
Pay on Delivery

Please see our Payment Methods page for further information on all of our payment methods

Cross-border payments: You can accept payments from international customers for all payment methods except for local payment methods and Pay By Bank

Before you start

Step 1: Create Viva account

If you do not already have an account with Viva please create an account.

Step 2: Find account credentials

Step 3: Create Payment Source

Please refer to this page for instructions on adding a new Payment Source in the Viva banking app.

You will need to use the Magento-specific Success & Failure URLs, as specified at the bottom of the above Payment Source creation page

We would highly recommend you show your company logo on your payment pages in order to increase customer recognition and trust, thus improving conversion. You can insert your company logo while creating the payment source as outlined above.

You can also change or update this logo at any time. To do this, please see our adding your brand logo tutorial for a step-by-step guide.

Step 4: Determine your payment methods

Determine which payment methods you want to offer to your customers.

Some of these payment methods are automatically activated for you by us (e.g. Apple Pay), other payment methods can only be activated by yourself (e.g. PayPal), for others you need to get in touch with us to activate them for you after a further review of your business.

Please note: it is not possible to activate asynchronous payment methods for the Magento Plugin

Setup instructions

Adding the Magento Smart Checkout plugin consists of the following steps.

Step 1: Add Viva Smart Checkout plugin to your Magento store

  1. Download the Magento Smart Checkout plugin (ZIP file) to your device

  2. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file

  3. Open the directory containing the source files (magento_vivawallet/Ced/VivaPayments)

  4. Access your Magento directory and upload all files from the above directory to your Magento installation (new files will be added to your app/code/Ced/VivaPayments folder within Magento)

  5. Run the following commands within Magento (you will need to ensure you have write permissions – please see here for more details on how to run commands):

    • Enable module: bin/magento module:enable --clear-static-content Ced_VivaPayments
    • Upgrade database: bin/magento setup:upgrade
    • Re-run flush command: bin/magento cache:flush
    • Re-run compile command: bin/magento setup:di:compile
  6. Navigate to STORES > Configuration from the main menu within the Magento Admin panel:

    Magento Configuration

  7. Navigate to payment methods under the Sales tab:

    Magento Payment Methods

  8. Locate the Viva Smart Checkout module - within the settings panel, fill in the following fields:

    Magento Settings

We recommend to specify your own title, rather than using the default text “Credit Card (Viva Smart Checkout)”. We propose instead to use “Viva Smart Checkout (pay using 30+ methods)” or similar, to highlight the array of available payment methods

  1. When complete, save these settings and the Viva Smart Checkout payment option will be available in your checkout

Step 2: Review additional information, if needed

Upgrading the plugin

Keeping the plugin up to date help improve user experience with the addition of new features as well as improvement of existing features.

  1. To find the existing version of the plugin, access your Magento directory and open changelog.txt file under app/code/Ced/VivaPayments folder. The version with the most recent date shows your current version.

  2. Check the Release Notes page and search for Magento plugin releases. If you see a newer version, download it from this link.

  3. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file, copy the VivaPayments folder from the directory magento_vivawallet/Ced/ and replace it with VivaPayments folder under Magento’s app/code/Ced/ directory.

  4. Run the following commands within Magento directory – please see here for more details on how to run commands

    • Enable module: bin/magento module:enable --clear-static-content Ced_VivaPayments
    • Upgrade database: bin/magento setup:upgrade
    • Re-run flush command: bin/magento cache:flush
    • Re-run compile command: bin/magento setup:di:compile

Get Support

If you would like to integrate with Viva, or if you have any queries about our products and solutions, please see our Contact & Support page to see how we can help!