Information on the Home section of the Viva e-Banking app.


You can activate your card, view your PIN, or use the Card Lock feature if you believe your card is lost or stolen. This page also allows you to switch between accounts with a single tap. You can also check recent activities and connect Viva’s customer service with one click.

Monitor the business performance at a glance

To see the account status at a glance:

  1. On the app’s home screen, click on the blue space.

    Banking app - quick status check
  2. Notice the total balance, available balance and pending amounts.

    Banking app - quick status check
  3. You can also activate ‘discreet mode’. This mode will make amounts blurry.

    Banking app - Discreet mode

Create a card

  1. On the app’s home screen, click on ‘create’ link.

    Banking app - create card 1
  2. Click ‘Digital’ or cloud logo.

    Banking app - create card 2
  3. Click ‘Confirm card creation’ button.

    Banking app - create card 2
  4. Your virtual card is ready to use.

    Banking app - Discreet mode

See/Manage card settings

  1. On the app’s home screen, click ‘show card details’ to see a card’s details.

    Banking app - see card details
  2. Select an option from the menu to see or get the card details.

    Banking app - See card options
  3. On the app’s home screen, click ‘Settings’ to access card settings.

    Banking app - See card details
  4. Notice the details about the selected card.

    Banking app - Card settings

Activate a physical card

  1. On the app’s home screen, slide cards to the left until you see the below screen and click on the link ‘Activate it here’.

    Banking app - activate card
  2. Enter your physical card’s last four digits.

    Banking app - enter card's last four digit
  3. Enter the activation code that is sent by Viva.

    Banking app - card activate code

Add your card to digital wallets

You can easily add your card to Apple or Google Wallets depending on your mobile OS.

For example, on an Apple device you will see a button for Apple Wallet. Similarly, for Android OS you will see Google Wallet.

Add your card to digital wallet

Switch between accounts

You can switch between accounts with single click.

  1. On the app’s home screen, click on your account name.

    Banking app - select account
  2. Select one of available accounts or create a new one.

    Banking app - select account

Connect to Viva’s customer service

You can use the chat function to get help with the account.

  1. On the app’s home screen, click on message icon.

    Banking app - chat function-1
  2. Proceed with the desired option.

    Banking app - chat function-2

Find recent activities

You can quickly list recent activities.

  1. On the app’s home screen, click on ‘View all’ link under ACTIVITY FEED section.

    Banking app - activity feed-1
  2. Notice the activities. You can load more activities and click on them to get more details.

    Banking app - activity feed-2

Further information

Please see tutorials for the other sections of the e-Banking App:

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