Transaction Reversal Created

Notification that a customer refund has been successfully actioned.


This webhook will be sent when a refund for a previous customer payment has been made successfully.

You should confirm the payment result with the combination of OrderCode, TransactionId and the StatusId parameters. As an extra layer of confirmation, you have the option to use Retrieve Transaction Details API.

Webhook configuration

If you are setting up an ISV integration, please see our ISV Create webhook API call

To enable within the Viva banking app:

  1. Log in to Viva, demo or live , and select the required account.

  2. Visit Settings > API Access > Webhooks.

  3. Click on the Create Webhook link.
    The New Webhook dialog box is displayed.

  4. Enter your webhook URL in the URL field.

  5. Click on the Verify link.
    If verified successfully, a confirmation message is displayed.

  6. Choose Transaction Reversal Created from the Event Type dropdown:

    Transaction Reversal Created webhook

  7. Select the Active checkbox to activate notifications.

  8. Click on the Save button.

Response example

You may find below the sample response with EventTypeId 1797.

  "Url": "Your webhook url",
  "EventData": {
    "Moto": false,
    "Email": "",
    "Phone": "799999999999",
    "BankId": "NET_VISA",
    "Systemic": false,
    "Switching": false,
    "ParentId": "d406ca77-f045-4902-9176-506f56fcd793",
    "Amount": -1000,
    "ChannelId": "b8e0e6c6-3a7c-47c3-9db8-4725e96a4902",
    "TerminalId": 90000000,
    "MerchantId": "11ac9cd4-c9ea-48d3-b414-1f10ce664aad",
    "OrderCode": 3464811134270497,
    "ProductId": null,
    "StatusId": "F",
    "FullName": "John Doe",
    "ResellerId": null,
    "DualMessage": false,
    "InsDate": "2022-05-26T03:06:14.04",
    "TotalFee": 0,
    "CardToken": "2BFCB1FD4F000DB41CB5BA76CAFB68D76AB87752",
    "CardNumber": "414746XXXXXX0133",
    "Descriptor": null,
    "DigitalWalletId": 3,
    "TipAmount": 0,
    "SourceCode": "Default",
    "SourceName": "Default",
    "Latitude": null,
    "Longitude": null,
    "CompanyName": "Luxembourg Services",
    "TransactionId": "addffca1-25d2-4739-acb4-b05e385e8563",
    "CompanyTitle": "Luxembourg Services",
    "PanEntryMode": "01",
    "ReferenceNumber": 66727,
    "ResponseCode": "00",
    "CurrencyCode": "978",
    "OrderCulture": "en-GB",
    "MerchantTrns": null,
    "CustomerTrns": null,
    "IsManualRefund": false,
    "TargetPersonId": null,
    "TargetWalletId": null,
    "LoyaltyTriggered": false,
    "TransactionTypeId": 7,
    "TotalInstallments": 0,
    "CardCountryCode": "SG",
    "CardIssuingBank": "Citibank Singapore Ltd.",
    "RedeemedAmount": 0,
    "ClearanceDate": null,
    "CurrentInstallment": 0,
    "Tags": [],
    "BillId": null,
    "ResellerSourceCode": null,
    "ResellerSourceName": null,
    "ResellerCompanyName": null,
    "ResellerSourceAddress": null,
    "CardExpirationDate": "2030-12-31T00:00:00",
    "RetrievalReferenceNumber": "214523066721",
    "AssignedMerchantUsers": [],
    "AssignedResellerUsers": [],
    "CardTypeId": 0,
    "ResponseEventId": null,
    "ElectronicCommerceIndicator": "7",
    "ServiceId": null
  "Created": "2022-05-26T00:06:14.2190894Z",
  "CorrelationId": "22-146-83163D56",
  "EventTypeId": 1797,
  "Delay": null,
  "MessageId": "81911f2e-bd91-43d7-bf66-617e6191a1ce",
  "RecipientId": "11ac9cd4-c9ea-48d3-b414-1f10ce664aad",
  "MessageTypeId": 512

Property TransactionTypeId can have a number of different values. See TransactionTypeId parameter on our Response codes page for the full list.

Webhook body

You can find below the body parameters of this webhook

Parameter Description Example
Systemic (boolean) If true, this is a transaction which was not initiated by the merchant or by the customer. Instead, this was a system-initiated transaction (for edge cases, e.g. Bancontact) false
Amount (decimal) The signed amount of the transaction. Represents the total funds paid by the customer and includes TotalFee -100.50
CardNumber (string) The card number used (applicable for card related transaction types) "411111XXXXXX1111"
Descriptor (string) The descriptor displayed on both the bank statement and the 3DS verification page. MerchantX Descriptor
CardTypeId (byte) Possible values 0(Visa), 1(Mastercard), 2(Diners), 3(Amex), 4(Invalid), 5(Unknown), 6(Maestro), 7(Discover), 8(JCB) 0
CompanyName (string) The company name of the Merchant "Viva Ηλεκτρονικές Υπηρεσίες"
CurrencyCode (string) The currency of the transaction in ISO 4217 numeric format (e.g. “978” for Euro) 978
CurrentInstallment (byte) The current card installment ordinal (use in relation with TotalInstallments parameter) 0
CustomerTrns (string) The CustomerTrns property as set during the creation of the Order "Customer description"
DigitalWalletId (byte) Possible values: 2 (Apple Pay), 3 (Google Pay), 4 (Samsung Pay), 6 (MobilePay Online) 3
Email (string) Customer email ""
FullName (string) Customer Fullname "Customer FullName"
InsDate (datetime) The date and time the transaction took place "2014-06-18T14:20:30.45+03:00"
MerchantId (uuid) The MerchantId of the Merchant "90a7114f-3a7a-466b-8a45-000111222666"
MerchantTrns (string) The MerchantTrns property as set during the creation of the Order "Merchant Reference"
OrderCode (long) The OrderCode of the transaction 776027772607
ParentId (uuid) The parent TransactionId (if any) of the current transaction "90a7114f-3a7a-466b-8a45-000111222777"
ResellerCompanyName (string) The name of the Reseller (if any) that received the payment "Παπασωτηρίου"
ResellerId (uuid) The ResellerId of the Reseller (if any) that received the payment "90a7114f-3a7a-466b-8a45-000111222888"
ResellerSourceAddress (string) The address of the source of the Reseller (if any) that received the payment "Πανεπιστημίου 37 και Κοραή, Αθήνα"
ResellerSourceCode (string) The SourceCode of the source of the Reseller (if any) that received the payment "2233"
ResellerSourceName (string) The name of the Reseller (if any) that received the payment "Πανεπιστημίου"
SourceCode (string) The SourceCode of the Merchant used for the transaction "[4-digit code of your payment source]"
StatusId (string) The status of the transaction "F"
TotalCommission (decimal) Interchange++ fee = customer bank fee + card scheme fee + Viva fee -2.71
TotalFee (decimal) The signed fees that apply to the transaction (e.g. if paid through reseller network) -0.50
TotalInstallments (byte) The total card installments of the transaction 0
TransactionId (uuid) The TransactionId of the transaction "90a7114f-3a7a-466b-8a45-000111222888"
TransactionTypeId (int) The type of transaction 7
ServiceId (int) Used to discern Rebate and Fast Refund transactions.

18 = Rebate, 19 = Fast Refund
EventTypeId (int) The type of the event that triggered the notification 1797
Created (datetime) Transaction's creation timestamp "2014-06-18T14:20:30.45+03:00"

Further information

Check out the following tutorial for more details on configuring a payment webhook:

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