Apple Pay

Information on the Apple Pay payment method.


Apple Pay provides a secure and seamless payment method that you can offer in-app, in store, and on the web (in Safari). Apple Pay uses network tokenization, stores payment information securely in the shopper’s device and confirms the payment through Touch ID or Face ID authentication. Apple Pay is PSD2 SCA-compliant.

Some of the main benefits of offering Apple Pay as a payment method are:

User Experience


At the checkout, the customer selects the Apple Pay button at the top of the screen:

Apple Pay - User Journey - 1

Within the Apple Pay pop-up, the customer chooses their payment card and proceeds to payment:

Apple Pay - User Journey - 2

The customer then confirms their identity via passcode or biometric information (Face ID or Touch ID) before completing the payment:

Apple Pay - User Journey - 3

Once the customer has paid with Apple Pay, the following steps take place:


Please also see our videos below, outlining the desktop and mobile use of Apple Pay:




How to activate Apple Pay

Environment Activation details
Production All merchants are activated by default to accept payments for Apple Pay (with the exception of some Merchant Categories).
Demo If you wish to activate Apple Pay on demo environment, please contact your Viva sales representative. Alternatively, you can contact us directly via our live chat facility, by simply clicking on the live chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

*You may visit our Test Cards and Environments page for further information on how to make test payments with Apple Pay.

Merchant Categories

There are some merchant categories that are not eligible to have Apple Pay activated. If your business is in one of these categories, you will not be able to accept payments through Apple Pay:

Merchant Category (MCC) Description
5499 Misc. Food Stores – Convenience Stores and Specialty Markets
5967 Direct Marketing – Inbound Teleservices Merchant
5993 Cigar Stores and Stands
6051 Non-Financial Institutions – Foreign Currency, Money Orders (not wire transfer) and Travelers Cheques
7841 Video Tape Rental Stores
8398 Charitable and Social Service Organizations

Supported card networks

Card type Card type icon Merchant Countries
Visa Visa All
Mastercard Mastercard All
American Express American Express All
Maestro Maestro All
Discover Discover All
Diners Club International Diners Club International All

Testing Apple Pay

In order to test Apple Pay functionality in the demo environment, please see our Apple Pay testing information.

Payment method messaging

It is important that the customer is aware of the payment methods you offer via Smart Checkout, as this will increase conversion and average order values. Please see our payment method messaging guide for more details on why and where we would recommend adding this information to your site.

If desired, you can download and use this icon on your site or online store, in order to show customers you offer Apple Pay as a payment method:

Payment Method Icon - Apple Pay

Get Support

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