Clearing file specification

Information about our clearing file specification.


Please find, below, information on the structure and content of our clearing files.

File name

Clearing_[Partner Name]_[yyyyMMddHHmmss].txt, where [yyyyMMddHHmmss] is the local datetime that file was generated. For example, Clearing_VivaBank_20180101000000.txt.

File format

Semicolon delimited format.

Content encoding


Cut-off time

The partner receives one clearing file per day, at a predefined time.

File structure

File consists of three main sections: the header, one or multiple rows and the trailer. Each row represents a financial transaction.

Header structure

Filed no Field Name Datatype/Length R(equired)/ O(ptional) Notes
1 Record Type alpha(1) R Fixed H
2 File Id alphanumericspecial(36) (Guid) R A unique file identifier

Trailer structure

Filed no Field Name Datatype/Length R(equired)/ O(ptional) Notes
1 Record Type alpha(1) R Fixed T
3 Total Transactions Count numeric(12) R The number of financial transactions contained in the file (range: 000000000001-999999999999)
3 Total Debit Amount numeric(16) R 0000000001105600
4 Total Credit Amount numeric(16) R 0000000001105600

Amounts are expressed in the minor unit of currency without a decimal separator in accordance with ISO standards for currency notation. For example, a transaction amount of EUR 212.50 is expressed as 000000021250

Financial message row

Field No Field Name Datatype/Length R(required)/O(ptional) Notes
1 Record Type alpha(1) R Fixed R
2 Presentment Id alphanumericspecial(36) (Guid) R The unique Identifier of a transaction within the Issuer’s Clearing system
3 Card Token alphanumeric(40) (String) R A unique card identifier
4 Authorization Id alphanumericspecial(36) (Guid) O The unique Id of the authorization for the transaction (where applicable*)
5 Transaction Type Id alphanumeric(2) R See Clearing Transaction Type Id
6 Reversal Indicator alpha(1) O Empty or R or {Space}
7 Credit/Debit Indicator alpha(1) R Indicates teh action to be applied to the account, C or D
8 Amount numeric(12) R The cardholder billing amount
9 Currency Code alphanumeric(3) R The designated cardholder billing currency as defined by ISO 4217 (numeric codes)
10 Local Transaction Date and Time alphanumeric(12) R The card acceptor’s local transaction date and time. Format: YYMMDDhhmmss
11 Card Acceptor Business Code (MCC) numeric(4) R
12 Card Acceptor Id Code alphanumericspecial(15) R Uniquely identifies the card acceptor (merchant) within the Acquirer’s system
13 Card Acceptor Name Location alphanumericspecial(99) R The card acceptor’s name and location as known to the cardholder


Purchase Return transactions (Type 20) only present in clearing files, without prior authorization.

The Reversal Indicator indicates whether the current transaction reverses a previous one. Empty denotes a normal transaction, R the reversal of a transaction and {Space} the reversal of a reversal. This field serves informational purposes only; any funds’ application on the account must be based solely on the Credit/Debit Indicator and the amount as presented in each row.

Sample file

A plain text sample of the clearing file is available for download.

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