AADE Protocol


Based on the instructions provided by Greek Ministry of Economy and Finance, every cashier system should be integrated with the card terminal(s).

The new AADE Protocol is relevant only in Greece and its usage is mandatory for the successful communication between every cashier system and the card terminal(s).

Supported Devices

Q30, D200, S800, S900

A50, A77, A80, A910, A920, A920Pro, Α35


Android & iOS Viva.com| Terminal App

Model Manufactor Operation System Connection Documentation
Q30 PAX Prolin LAN Viva_ECR_Prolin_POS.pdf
D200 PAX Prolin WiFi Viva_ECR_Prolin_POS.pdf
S800 PAX Prolin LAN Viva_ECR_Prolin_POS.pdf
S900 PAX Prolin WiFi Viva_ECR_Prolin_POS.pdf
A50 PAX Android WiFi/GSM Viva_ECR_Paydroid_POS_v3.pdf
A77 PAX Android WiFi/GSM Viva_ECR_Paydroid_POS_v3.pdf
A80 PAX Android LAN Viva_ECR_Paydroid_POS_v3.pdf
A910 PAX Android WiFi/GSM Viva_ECR_Paydroid_POS_v3.pdf
A920 PAX Android WiFi/GSM Viva_ECR_Paydroid_POS_v3.pdf
A920PRO PAX Android WiFi/GSM Viva_ECR_Paydroid_POS_v3.pdf
Α35 PAX Paydroid Ethernet Viva_ECR_Paydroid_POS_v3.pdf
CS20/CS30PRO Ciontek Android WiFi Viva_Ciontek_Terminal_App.pdf
CS50C Ciontek Android WiFi Viva_Ciontek_Terminal_App.pdf
CS20/CS30PRO Ciontek Android GSM Viva_Ciontek_Terminal_App.pdf
CS50C Ciontek Android GSM Viva_Ciontek_Terminal_App.pdf
Viva.com | Terminal App Viva.com Android WiFi Viva_Ciontek_Terminal_App.pdf

Operating System Prerequisites

Prolin Operating System
The minimum version is the 5.47.

PAX Operating System
The minimum version of Viva App is the 4.21.0
The minimum version of Viva Proxy is the 2.17.0

iOS Operating System
The minimum version is the 5.13.2

Android Operating System
The minimum version is the 5.14.2

Integrations with ERP

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