Enable/Disable Multi-merchant

How to enable/disable multi-merchant mode in Tap On Phone


The purpose of this article is to show how to enable/disable multi-merchant in the ‘viva.com | Terminal’ application. This functionality is able to be enabled if the ‘viva.com | Terminal’ application is to be used between multiple merchants, or for ISV partners. It allows the user to toggle between each merchant account they have access to from within the app, so they can accept payments on behalf of multiple merchants.

This functionality is only available for Android (and thus not for iOS)


To enable this functionality, please contact Viva support.


  1. Open the ‘viva.com | Terminal’ application and select in the bottom menu the More option: Multimerchant 1

  2. Enable/Disable the toggle in the Multi-Merchant section: Multimerchant 2

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