Enable/Disable Instalments & Tips

How to enable Instalments & Tips in the 'viva.com | Terminal' application.


Instalments in the ‘viva.com | Terminal’ application allow your customer to pay the total purchase in small portions throughout a fixed period, as long as the following criteria are met:

Handle payments with card installments

Activation Steps (Instalments)

  1. From the main screen, navigate to the ‘More’ menu at the bottom-right:

  2. From here, click on the ‘Instalments’ toggle to ensure they are enabled:

  3. When using instalments, you can select the number of monthly instalments to offer (up to a maximum of 36):

  4. If the card chosen is not able to be used for instalments then the following will be shown, where you can either pay in full, choose another card, or cancel the transaction:


Tips or Tipping in the ‘viva.com | Terminal’ application allow you to collect tips therefore allow payments to include tips.

Tip enable

Tip configuration

One-step tip

The one-step tip option in the Viva Terminal app allows users to quickly add a desired tip to their total amount. This feature requires either preset percentage options or a custom tip option to be enabled. If the user confirms the tip, the predefined tip will be added to the amount, and the updated total will be displayed on the card presentation screen. If the user declines one-step tipping, they will be prompted to choose either a percentage tip or enter a custom tip amount.

Percentage options

This option allows users to pre-define three tipping choices. Customers will see these options before making their payment, enabling them to decide on their preferred tip amount.

Custom tip

This option allows users to manually enter a tip amount. If activated alongside percentage options, a fourth choice labeled ‘Other Amount’ will be available.

Round tip up

‘The ‘Round Tip Up’ option disables all other tipping functions and prompts the cardholder to add a tip that rounds the total amount up to the nearest whole number.

More specifically:

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