Surcharge functionality

Information on Surcharge functionality.


Surcharge functionality offers the capability for you to forward surcharge fees (MerchantServiceCharge) on business and Non-European (EEU) cards to the cardholder when they are paying via POS.

Where enabled - and in applicable cases - the additional surcharge amount is automatically added, allowing the cardholder to cover your transactional costs (Interchange Fee, Scheme Fee, Viva Service Fee).

This functionality is currently only available for merchants in Denmark & Finland


Please see below for further information on surcharge functionality in practice, including surcharge calculation, viewing surcharge transactions, 0% acquiring fee calculations, Store And Forward and refunds.

This functionality is not supported for pre-auth transactions

Surcharge calculation

In cases where surcharge functionality applies, we will first check the card eligibility based on the criteria defined. If applicable, we will then calculate and determine the surcharge amount of the transaction, as below:

Viewing surcharge transactions

You can view purchases/transactions with surcharge fees applied within your Viva account (‘Self-Care’).

  1. In the Advanced Search of the SalesSales Transactions section, you can filter to include or exclude transactions with surcharge or without surcharge

  2. In the Transaction Details window (OptionsInfo), a field named Surcharge Amount is available

  3. Surcharge Amount will be also part of the transaction details in the downloaded .xls file when the ‘Export to xls’ option is selected

0% Acquiring Fee Calculations

Visa and MasterCard/Maestro consumer Non-EEA transactions with a surcharge amount are excluded from the 0% Acquiring Fees Calculations

Store And Forward

In case of a network error/connectivity issue during the pre-call API, and when we cannot determine if the transaction is eligible for surcharge, the Store And Forward mechanism will be activated (if eligible). Once connectivity is restored, the transaction will be forwarded and processed with no surcharge amount applied and the pricing will be executed according to existing IRF++policy.

In case of a network error/connectivity issue during pricing calculation for an authorization carrying a surcharge amount, the Store and Forward mechanism will be activated once the connectivity is restored and the actual commission calculated and charged will be zero.


In cases of (partial) refunds performed in non-ECR integrated terminals, the receipt will not include the split per-amount but only the full amount that is refunded (the final surcharge amount sent into clearing will be calculated again based on the actual amount refunded)

As an example:

Customer experience

If enabled and applicable, customers will see the surcharge applied during the payment process, as below.

For transactions without a tip applied:

Surcharge - without tip

For transactions with a tip applied:

Surcharge - with tip


Surcharge functionality is available for the following terminals & devices, interaction types, transaction types and schemes & card types.

Terminals & devices:

1 Surcharge functionality is coming soon for Datecs BluePad

Interaction types:

Transaction types:

Schemes & card types:

Scheme Supported card types
  • All Business/Commercial cards as currently defined by VISA product ID (starting with G, K, S, X, S) and MasterCard GCMS Productid

  • Non-EEA Consumer Cards as defined by VISA product ID (not starting with G, K, S, X, S) and MasterCard GCMS Productid
American Express All types of cards


To activate surcharge functionality, please get in touch with Viva via your Sales representative or via the Live Chat option at the bottom-right of this page.

If enabled, you will have no option to customise the surcharge amount or to decide whether the surcharge amount will apply on a per-transaction basis.

The surcharge fee will apply automatically with the predetermined percentage once the criteria are met.

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