Dynamic Descriptor

Information on the Dynamic Descriptor ('Customer description') field.


The Dynamic Descriptor field (shown as ‘Customer description’ when creating a payment source for stores) allows you to set a customer-friendly name which will be displayed on your customers’ receipts and bank statements.

Supported devices & card schemes

The Dynamic Descriptor field is applied only in certain circumstances:

Supported devices

Supported schemes


To utilise the Dynamic Descriptor, please follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your Viva account (self-care) and navigate to Sales > Physical Payments > Stores:

    Dynamic Descriptor - 1

  2. Edit your chosen payment source and fill in the ‘Customer description’ field:

    Dynamic Descriptor - 2

  3. Log in to your Viva account (self-care) and navigate to Sales > Physical Payments > Card Terminals:

    Dynamic Descriptor - 3

  4. Edit the relevant terminal and ensure the correct payment source is assigned:

    Dynamic Descriptor - 4

  5. Once a payment is made on the terminal (taking into account the Supported devices & card schemes), the customer’s bank statement will show the Dynamic Descriptor (‘Customer description’) value:

    Dynamic Descriptor - 6

  6. Please note: this value will not be displayed on the customer’s receipt. Instead, this can be managed within the app via More > Receipts > under the Personalise receipt section

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